Our Approach

Lolli Party and Tangram Photo Studio teamed up and finally opened our own stylish cafe-like venue in Santa Clara. Lolliparty, the in-house design team & Tangram, the house photographers, will help you have a stress free party with style. We will work with your private events such as first birthday parties (Lolliparty’s specialty), baby showers, bridal showers, and kids’ birthday parties!
But wait! There’s more! During the weekdays, our venue will be a place where moms can sit back and relax with magazines, books, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while their kids are entertained at our fun-filled kids’ play area. There will be a light snack to munch for hungry bees as well. 

Our Story

When Jiin and Jaimie met some 10years ago, they clicked immediately. They were both art majors (MFA Fashion design & MFA Photography) with an eye to appreciate rather common things around them in extraordinary ways. They both had passion to share their innate artistic talents running kids-related businesses- Lolli Party & Tangram Photo Studio. Also, they both were crazy enough to follow their wildest dreams risking everything they owned. After they become a mother, they added a new value to their commonality list – A Mother’s Heart.

And one more thing! As kids’ party enthusiasts, Jiin and Jaimie kept asking questions to improve and make each event more fun and memorable. ‘Can the venue be more kid-friendly with some space to play in? How can parents throw a less stressful and more enjoyable party?’ They have heard different concerns from party planning parents and found some drawbacks with most rental venues. Reserving a private space for their parties at a designated time with some food was somewhat satisfactory. However, planning parties caused a lot of stress for them since they had to take care of so many things at the same time – catering, table & chair rentals and settings, hosting, cleaning up after the event and etc. Now, Lolli Party & Tangram Photo Studio have joined to help busy parents with an ‘in-house one-stop’ kids’ party service under the new umbrella named LEMON TREE. From planning to cleaning-up, you can be sure to relax with LEMON TREE’s experienced professionals. Parents should do just one thing- enjoy the party!

There is another dream that LEMON TREE has been designed for – a play date café. A small weekday café where toddler’s moms can rest and chat with other like-minded moms over a cup of coffee! We have prepared a play area equipped with toys, books and art tables to draw the attention of curious minds of young toddlers. Now, on weekdays (Tuesday-Friday, 10:00-3pm), LEMON TREE is open wide for moms and their babies who want to stop by to have fun and relax. Come and enjoy snacks and drinks along with LEMON TREE’s treat on coffee and teas!

Meet the Team

Jiin – Lolliparty

Jiin has always had a keen eye for design. From personalized stationary designs to linens, Jiin’s impeccable taste and expertise in style, color and texture will put your wedding design doubts to rest.

In order to pursue her passion for design and fashion, Jiin studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she received an undergrad degree in Textile Design and a graduate degree in Fashion Design. Since then, Jiin has offered her talents as a textile designer to renowned designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Gap, and William Sonoma Home.

Jiin is currently the founder and owner of Lolliparty, an event company that specializes in premium birthday parties for babies.

Jaimie – Tangram photo Studio

With their expertise and the parents’ heart to give their best, we have pursued this quest for the past 10 years. Finally, on one August day in 2015, their long-time search has become fruitful – Tangram Photo Studio.

Since we know small accents can make huge differences in the world of images, they equipped their studio with 20 different settings and a variety of props. Since the two mother/father understand very well the desire of parents to capture precious moments of their kids in unique and memorable ways, they direct every pose to bring out the best features of the children.

At Tangram Photo Studio, we do not simply take photos but we create images for your loved ones. And these images become art, which leaves a life-long impression in the minds of all of your family members.  Artistically-expressed moments that you celebrated with your children throughout their lives are great records and huge gifts when they enter into adulthood. These are good reasons why you want to make it a routine to visit us for every birthday or anniversary. Visit Tangram studio – www.tangramstudio.photography and start recording wonderful images of your children with us. Your children deserve the best!

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